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CET Oradea – investment of over 186 mln. lei in modernizing production

22 February 2024
General Interest

Mayor Florin Birta signed on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, at the City Hall headquarters, the design and execution contract for the replacement of energy group 1 of CET Oradea with a modern energy group. Thus, the municipality of Oradea has taken the decision to continue the investments to bring the centralized thermal energy supply system to a higher quality level, also aiming to improve the public heating service offered to consumers, according to TransilvaniaBusiness.

The contract was signed with the association of companies formed by Loial Impex Srl – association leader, Engul SRO – Associate and SC Moldproiect ASD – associate and has a value of approximately 186.2 million lei without VAT.

“Today we signed one of the most important contracts for the Municipality of Oradea, certainly the biggest investment contract that will be implemented this year,” said Mayor Florin Birta.

The investment named “High-efficiency cogeneration production unit to replace the existing block 1” consists in the provision of new, less polluting and energy-efficient solutions for the production of thermal and electrical energy, which will cover the thermal energy requirements of the district heating system in the municipality of Oradea .

The project provides for the replacement of the Block 1 energy group, put into operation in 1966 (consisting of boiler C1 and steam turbine TA1) of CET Oradea, group at the limit of its life, with new equipment of the latest generation.

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