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CEEP invites you to the 5th Central European Day of Energy

17 November 2020
Don't miss!

Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP) in co-operation with the European Commission (DG Energy) have already organised four editions of the Central European Day of Energy (CEDE) in Brussels. The event takes place every year at the premises of the European Commission and is prepared in close cooperation with CEEP’s members and partners from our region.

In 2020, CEEP intends to continue to promote the Central European point of view on the key developments in the European energy policy. In cooperation with the DG Energy, we organise the 5th Central European Day of Energy, with the participation of high-level European Commission officials. The main goals of the CEDE initiative are to provide comprehensive information concerning the ongoing transition of the Central European energy sector and to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to this process. The event will also demonstrate how companies transform their businesses in line with the EU policy objectives taking into account the local, national and regional specificities.

Your safety is our top priority and in light of the situation with COVID-19, we will deliver our annual conference as a digital event.

The 5th edition of CEDE will take place on 2 December and it will focus on offshore wind development in Central Europe, particularly in the Baltic, Black and Adriatic seas. Wind energy has become a major driver for RES deployment in Europe and around the world. In the 2050 Long Term Strategy, the Commission has identified wind energy as the dominant power generation technology by 2050, with projections of up to 450 GW of installed offshore wind capacity.

Today there is over 22 GW of installed offshore wind capacity in the European waters, of which around 2 GW is in the Baltic Sea and several projects are already advanced. The potential of the Black and Adriatic seas is also significant. The offshore wind sector grows rapidly, as new solutions for installations in deeper waters become available. Regional differences in potential, administrative procedures and public support are of importance to take into consideration. EU support would probably be of pivotal significance. The CEDE is a place to take a closer look at all the aspects of offshore wind business in Central Europe and discuss different solutions.

Please find draft CEDE agenda HERE.

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