CE Hunedoara receives a new contract with Transelectrica


Hunedoara Energy Complex received by law the right to provide system technological services for Transelectrica until the end of the year, according to e-nergia.ro.

ANRE approved, by decision, the price at which Transelectrica is obliged to buy slow tertiary reserve technological system services from the Hunedoara Energy Complex, in the second semester of this year. This price is of 13.31 lei/ MWh.

The company cannot transfer these system services to another company and, if it cannot provide them, will notify Transelectrica of this situation. The decision took effect on July 9.

This money will be paid by Transelectrica – and, implicitly, by all electricity consumers, in order to keep the coal-fired power plants of the Hunedoara Energy Complex in operation. To this amount will obviously be added the income from the sale of energy.


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