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Cătălin Lepinzean: Almost all current solutions integrate components developed by Phoenix Contact

6 September 2021
General Interest

Phoenix Contact, a German company, founded at the beginning of the last century and 100% financially independent, is headquartered in a rural town in northwestern Germany – Blomberg, said Cătălin Lepinzean BDM, Phoenix Contact, at the conference Digitalization and Energy Efficiency, organized by Energynomics in Piatra Neamț.

“There we have developed, in the last decades, already almost 100 years ago, everything that means production of components dedicated to electrical, energy, automation applications. We address those who integrate solutions. All the solutions we are talking about these days integrate components developed by Phoenix Contact. Our product ranges are structured towards the area of connectivity for equipments and industrial area – automation, and obviously, we also have a segment of new development directions. The actual automation part involves the control area, the communications area and the safety and human interface part – a series of components that are, practically, the heart of these solutions for energy efficiency, automation of production processes,” said Cătălin Lepinzean.

A new division of the group is responsible for new prototypes. “We can put into practice new ideas from our group, but also from other partners who want to develop such prototypes. We have the area of electric mobility – with the components necessary for the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles and many other directions – including a platform for business development, for the development of start-ups,” he added.

Phoenix Contact was established in 1923 in Essen and started with the connectivity part dedicated to the power supply segment, and now it is present in everything that means industrial automation, streamlining production processes or production control, Lepinzean also explained.

“We have a long tradition in machine building, a very long tradition in our internal developments for the equipment we use, but also in collaborations with partners around the world for various directions, such as energy efficiency, development projects of the area of processes, urban infrastructure. We offer all the necessary support for the right choice of components so as to make applications and costs more efficient.”

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