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Burduja: NuScale has mature and secure technology

7 February 2024

The United States of America honors Romania’s competence in the energy sector, our country being recognized as a regional pillar of stability, energy security and economic development, says the Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja.

He made a working visit to the USA, during which he had a series of meetings with American officials.

“Tour of force in the United States. The stakes of the strategic partnership in the field of energy are multiple: the Romanian civil nuclear program, with units 3 and 4 at Cernavodă and the small modular reactors; the development of offshore wind energy production and the gases from the Black Sea, through the Neptun Deep project and the exploitation of geothermal energy for the Bucharest of the Future,” Burduja wrote on his Facebook page, according to Agerpres.

The Minister of Energy had a meeting with Christopher Hanson, the chairman of the nuclear regulatory commission (NRC), the strictest regulator in the world.

“NuScale is a mature and safe technology, and Romania is not wrong to rely on this solution. CNCAN will benefit from full support from the NRC,” wrote Sebastian Burduja on the social network.

He also met with Sarah Ladislaw, adviser to President Joe Biden and director of environmental and energy issues, and with Geoffrey R. Pyatt, deputy secretary for energy resources and good connoisseur of Romania. Later, he took part in the private discussions organized by the Atlantic Council institute, in a round table and ended the day as a special guest of the dinner offered by the Romanian ambassador, E.S. Andrei Muraru, along with six important members of the US Congress: Pat Fallon, Bill Huizenga, Rich McCormick, Victoria Spartz, Beth Van Duyne and Randy Weber.

“We receive unanimous appreciation in Washington for Romania’s role. The United States honors our competence in the energy sector, the tradition in nuclear energy, the diversified resources in the context of the green transition and the constant commitment of Romania within the framework of the strategic partnership. Our country is recognized as a regional pillar of stability, energy security and economic development, including through the constant support given to our brothers across the Prut and Ukraine. It will be a week full of opportunities here in the States,” Sebastian Burduja pointed out.

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