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Bucharest’s budget for 2024, estimated at 6.5 bln. lei, in public debate

12 February 2024
General Interest

Capital’s budget for 2024, estimated at 6.5 billion lei, is in public debate for the next 15 days, the City Hall mayor, Nicuşor Dan, said on Sunday.

He stated that the draft budget was published on the website of the Bucharest City Hall on Friday.

“This year, the message from the PNL councilors was that they want to see my budget proposal and discuss afterwards, so this budget proposal is drawn up together with colleagues from USR and PMP. (…) Of course we will have a discussion , but probably not this week that starts, but the next, when he will have time to analyze. The law tells us that for 15 days we must leave the budget in public debate, and I encourage citizens to make comments on the draft budget. After the 15 days , we can call the meeting of the General Council, which will approve the budget,” Nicuşor Dan said, according to Agerpres.

At the same time, he explained the composition of the budget.

“We put 6 billion in the budget – revenues, part of the payroll tax of Bucharest residents and our own revenues, plus another 425 million, which are purchases with European funds, which we paid in 2023, but which will be settled to us in 2024. So, altogether, excluding future European funds and excluding these amounts that only transit our accounts, it is a budget of 6.5 billion lei,” stated the mayor, adding that the heating and transport subsidies were evaluated between 1 and 1.1 billion lei each.

Among the priorities of the Capital City Hall this year, said Nicuşor Dan, are the restoration of 70 kilometers of the heating network, a program to promote sports among students, worth 20 million lei, the rehabilitation of 50 kilometers of tram line, the replacement of 30 playgrounds, the creation of the tissue bank at the Colentina Hospital and the restoration of electrical systems in hospitals under the management of the General City Hall.

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