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Best Tools Company Engages in Romania’s Energy Storage Market in Collaboration with iNOVAT (P)

15 February 2024

In a strategic move to expand its presence in the dynamic Romanian energy landscape, iNOVAT Energy Storage Solutions, a distinguished energy storage system integrator from Turkey, has partnered with Best Tools Company, a specialized distributor in the region.


Exploring the Romanian market

The collaborative effort aims to make significant strides in the Romanian energy storage market, capitalizing on the growing opportunities generated by available funds for energy storage capacities. Particularly notable are the funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) for energy storage systems and the upcoming Modernization Fund, presenting an attractive outlook for innovative solutions in the region.


Promoting renewable energy integration

With a focus on mitigating challenges associated with grid reinforcement and infrastructure limitations, the partnership strategically aligns itself with smart decongestion solutions needed in Romania’s energy network.

“As Romania aims to increase the production of ‘green’ energy, through this collaboration, we are ready to provide essential services for better integration of renewable sources,” says Dragoș Bulacu, Business Development Manager at Best Tools Company.



Proven expertise and ongoing projects

Although they do not currently have operational projects in Romania, the two companies take pride in the successful completion of a project in Hungary, one of the countries where Best Tools Company is in the process of establishing a branch. The newly implemented energy storage system has a 2MW power capacity with a storage capacity of 2.4MWh, representing a significant step towards energy innovation. The completion of this project serves as evidence of the technical expertise and collaborative commitment to advancing energy solutions in the Central and Eastern European region.


Dynamic Market

With iNOVAT’s expertise and the local market understanding brought by Best Tools Company, this partnership looks forward to the year 2024 with enthusiasm.

“We are in constant discussions with key stakeholders in Romania, and we are confident that by the end of this year, we will initiate major projects. Our goal is to establish a strong presence in the Romanian battery energy storage market, contribute to Romania’s evolving energy landscape, and the prospects are promising,” says Dragoș Bulacu, Best Tools Company.

Best Tools is one of the leading distributors of industrial generators in Romania, involved in the energy sector since 2006. This strategic collaboration positions the Romanian company at the forefront of innovation, ready to make a sustainable impact on the country’s energy future.

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