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Berbești mine, transferred from CE Oltenia to CET Govora in the summer

3 April 2014

Oltenia Energy Complex (CE Oltenia) says Berbești coal mine will be transferred from the company’s property to CET Govora in the next two months, Agerpres says. CE Oltenia says it will submit an evaluation report of this mine after the development of a draft emergency ordinance to guide this transfer of assets.

“I presented the situation  of Berbeşti Mine, hopefully this week the Minister of Economy’s draft of Emergency Executive Ordinance for this transfer to CET Govora will appear on the institution website. (…) Once we have that project, we are ready with the evaluation report so that at the time of its publication in the Official Gazette to be effectively achieved the transfer of assets from Berbeşti to CET Govora. Somewhere after May we can discuss about the actual transition. The procedure is not necessarily blocked, there are many discussions at ministerial level. Certainly the project is completed and it will go public”, said CE Oltenia representative.

Berbeşti-Alunu coal basin, the miners working there and Govora Berbeşti-Alunu rail will pass under the authority of CET Govora, which will  jointly constitute Vâlcea Energy Complex. The company will report to Vâlcea County Council. CET Govora is the sole provider of process steam for Râmnicu Vâlcea industrial platform.

Authorities believe the union of coal extraction with transportation and power production will lead to a reduction in the cost of generating electricity and heat. The transfer of assets is challenged by miners and CE Oltenia minority shareholders.


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