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Bankwatch launches a call for the study on the energy potential in Motru

11 January 2022

To support the local authorities in the energy transition by replacing the current inefficient system, Bankwatch Romania Association opens a call for consultancy to study the local potential for renewable energy and identify feasible solutions for heating in Motru.

The town of Motru is located near the lignite mines of Oltenia Energy Complex and will be one of the most affected by the future decarbonisation.In Motru, many households are using the network of the local heating thermal power plant, which is fueled by lignite. The rest of the households have mostly switched to individual gas-fired thermal boilers and others are using wood and/ or coal for heating in outdated polluting stoves. Motru is also facing a difficult situation in the supply of thermal energy. Failures are more frequent, and recently all residents connected to the district heating system have been left without heat in their homes.

Experts and companies in the field of sustainable energy, with a background in engineering or similar. They should have extensive knowledge of the heating sector and of renewable energy sources, and at least 10 years of professional experience with these issues. Excellent knowledge of English is required. Knowledge of or previous experience specific to Romania or the central-eastern European region would be beneficial.

Applicants should submit their offers by February 7.

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