Azomureş: Investment of 4 million euro in a power plant


The largest producer of fertilizers for agriculture in Romania, Azomureş, announced that it will make an investment worth 4 million euro in a power plant that will lead to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, so as to to adapt to the requirements of the European Commission’s Green Deal program.

Azomureş spokesman, Ovidiu Maior, told Agerpres on Thursday that the new power plant will generate 5% of the annual electricity consumption of the industrial platform, will reduce energy costs by 4% and will be put into use in the first part of 2022.

“The plant will have a capacity of 2.65 MW and will cover between 5% and 6% of the plant’s electricity needs. To make a comparison, the unit could supply power to more than 4,600 families every day. At the same time, the plant will bring a 4% reduction in electricity costs. Azomureş has signed a contract with E.ON Energie România for the turnkey delivery of this new power plant, which will use as raw material the residual steam generated by the plant’s activity. The technology of steam turbine’s advantages include a very long service life, safety in operation, being a technology that has reached maturity, as well as the possibility to operate with any type of fuel,” said the Azomureş representative.


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