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Authorities start searching the consultant to create the National Energy Strategy

6 November 2013

A document published by the Department of Energy show that authorities sent Tuesday to the European Commission a notice regarding the intention to begin the selection process for the consultant that will have the job to develop the National Energy Strategy for 2014-2035, and the prognosis for 2050.

The notice includes a list of very strict criteria that interested companies must meet regarding their expertise in forecasts and long-term energy strategies developed for institutions and governmental authorities. According to an Annex, each member of the multidisciplinary team of 11 consultants must have at least 10 years of experience in this line of work.

Firms who want to join the race must submit letters of interest until November 13, and this document should include also their assessment on the value of the acquisition. Afterwards, the Department of Energy will send to the interested companies a notice of interest and tender documentation.

Consultancy services required by the Department include power system analysis, business and market analysis, diagnosis of the energy sector, development of environmental, legal, technical and financial organization documentation, the organization of all public hearings and consultations with business and civil society, active support for strategic national projects in relation to international financial institutions and development of all legislation necessary for approval of the Strategy.

About the amount of money needed to create the Energy Strategy, the Department of Energy has proposed the inclusion of an amendment in the law regarding the division of OPSPI (the office in charge with administering of state participation in state-owned companies) to fund the creation of the Strategy with money obtained from privatizations. The House Industry Committee rejected the amendment on Tuesday.

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