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AREX – viable solutions to the Romanian exporters problems

29 April 2014
Gabriel Avăcăriței

The way international transactions are going is changing rapidly therefore a more modern legislation is needed, the members of Romanian Association of Exporters – AREX concluded after their first meeting, last week. Improved administrative structures for the export segment and better support actions for Romanian exporting companies are needed so that their presence on foreign markets become a relevant one.

“The world is rapidly changing and unfortunately, the exporting community was slightly left behind in terms of representation. The lack of a viable dialogue partner connected to the real world, able to bring authorized input made the administrative structures unable to efficiently respond to the supporting needs of one of the most important economic segments that stands for the last years GDP growth. This is why we presented to the authorities AREX’ intention to be a partner for re-writing of the export legislation and a modernizing factor for the bodies with responsibilities in this field”, said Traian Halalai, President of AREX.

Participating in fairs and exhibitions is not enough anymore

He advanced the example of the Export Council – an organizational public/private body functioning with the Ministry of Economy and having as objectives the harmonizing of sectorial, inter-sectorial and regional strategies within the framework of the National Export Strategy as well as establishing the targets and priorities in the export field – that needs a reshaping of its functioning so that it could be enabled to offer modern, viable solutions for supporting exporters projects as per market’s actual trends.

Networking is the new key word

“Participating in fairs and exhibitions is not enough anymore. Less and less foreign companies are using this tool for identifying new partners. We need to find solutions because in this field the key word is now networking, network cooperation and Romanian exporters have to embrace this approach in order to avoid losing opportunities.”, explained the President of AREX.

At his turn, Marian Nastase, Vice-president of the Association said that AREX establishment is beneficial because it can identify the real problems of the exporters and offer viable solutions to these ones.

“We must have a strong voice in order to express our views, especially in the legislation matters in order to avoid costs increases that might lead the exporters in a low competitivity zone on foreign markets”, added AREX Vice-president.

A new executive management team for AREX

During the meeting, AREX members have decided that the General Assembly will be held as soon as possible in order to elect the executive management team of the Association.

“I am only temporary holding the position as AREX’ President and consequently, President of the Board. The decision has been made in order to ease up the establishment process of the Association. I myself, as well as the other members of the Board, have not been paid or benefited from these positions. Once the establishment process of AREX is over and also having in mind that EximBank wanted this Association to be a voice of Romanian exporters, of the business environment, I find it natural that the engine of the Association, its Board should be composed of the private sector representatives”, Traian Halalai said.

Up to the elections, the AREX founding members have decided that the first Board members are: President – Traian Halalai, President of EximBank, Vice-president – Gabriel Comanescu, President of Grup Servicii Petroliere, Vice-president – Marian Nastase, President of the Board of Alro.

AREX is a professional organization, non–governmental aiming at supporting and promoting the interests of Romanian companies involved in commercial international transactions in order to consolidate the Romanian presence on foreign markets.

The Association that has been established this year and has 73 members is open to any exporting company and the membership is free of charges.

AREX will offer to its members:
– Access to information about business opportunities outside Romania;
– Facilitation of attending international business events and/or official economic visits;
– Access to information and analysis/ market studies;
– Creation of a framework for developing communication and networking

Autor: Gabriel Avăcăriței

A journalist experienced with both old and new media, Gabriel has been the editor in chief of Energynomics since 2013. His great command in communication, organizing information and publishing are put to work every working day in order to develop all the projects of the Energynomics B2B communication platform: website, magazine, and own-events.

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