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ANRM officially confirms the Development Plan for the deposits in the Neptun Deep perimeter


OMV Petrom and Romgaz announce that the final development plan for the Domino and Pelican Sud commercial deposits in the Neptun Deep perimeter has been confirmed by the National Agency for Mineral Resources. Therefore, the Neptun Deep project enters the development phase, which involves both the awarding of contracts and the execution of drilling activities and the construction of the infrastructure necessary for natural gas extraction.

“With the confirmation of the Development Plan, the Neptun Deep project moves into the technical implementation phase. We have a dedicated team with decades of experience in developing projects of such importance and complexity. Neptun Deep, the largest natural gas project in the Romanian area of the Black Sea, will contribute to Romania’s energy security and the country’s well-being. We thank all the partners involved in the project, including the Romanian authorities, and we look forward to the continuation of the collaboration,” said Christina Verchere, CEO, OMV Petrom.

“The confirmation of the development plans for the commercial natural gas fields Domino and Pelican Sud by the National Agency for Mineral Resources represents the stage from which the development phase of the commercial fields actually begins, a new reference point for the Neptun Deep project. This important stage represents the confirmation of the fact that the decision to invest in the Neptun Deep project was a correct one, both in the interest of Romgaz and of ensuring and consolidating Romania’s energy security,” added the general manager of Romgaz, Răzvan Popescu.

OMV Petrom and Romgaz will invest up to 4 billion euros for the development phase of the project, which will generate a production of about 100 billion cubic meters of natural gas. The start of production is estimated for 2027.

The infrastructure required for the development of the Domino and Pelican Sud offshore natural gas fields includes 10 wells, 3 subsea production systems and the associated gathering pipeline network, an offshore platform, the main gas pipeline to Tuzla and a gas measurement station. The platform generates its own electricity, operating to the highest standards of safety and environmental protection. The offshore platform, wells and deposits will be operated remotely, by means of a digital replica (digital twin). It allows the optimization of processes and will contribute to the improvement of environmental performance, by making energy consumption more efficient and emissions minimised.

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