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ANRE solved 39,000 complaints and imposed fines worth 37 mln. lei

27 January 2023

In 2022, ANRE resolved about 39,000 complaints and applied contraventional fines to economic operators in the energy sector in a total amount of about 37.3 million lei, the institution announced.

“In 2022, we received and resolved within the authority a number of 39,001 complaints made by natural and legal persons beneficiaries of the services provided by economic operators in the electricity and natural gas sectors, of which 25,974 complaints were registered in the electricity sector,.. and in the natural gas sector – 13,027,” ANRE officials claim.

At the same time, the trend of addressing complaints continues to increase compared to previous years, as compared to 2021, in 2022, an increase in the number of complaints of 64% was recorded, generated by the problems faced by consumers in the competitive electricity market and natural gas, most often being reported issues related to the actual issuance and billing of electricity and natural gas with the application of compensation schemes and caps by suppliers, the contracting of electricity and natural gas, the problems arising when connecting to users’ natural gas/electricity systems/networks, including prosumers, but also aspects related to the installation of measurement groups, as well as reading the index displayed by them.

“During 2022, following the control actions carried out, we applied a number of 2,776 contraventional sanctions to economic operators in the energy sector, in a total amount of 37,193,684 lei.

In the field of electricity, we applied a number of 2,371 contraventional sanctions, in the amount of 25,723,684 lei…and in the field of natural gas, we applied a number of 405 contraventional sanctions in the amount of 11,470,000 lei,” it is also stated in the ANRE press release.


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