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Anghel, EnergyPal: Smart metering is the foundation of all energy efficiency projects

23 September 2020

Smart metering is the foundation of all energy efficiency projects and the basis of all smart building projects, says Lucian Anghel, Founder and CEO, EnergyPal-TimePal Romania and FMS.

“Based on our over 17 years-experience, we have managed to understand what users and building owners want. EnergyPal has developed the energy efficiency segment, based on the accumulated experience, through projects joined with Facility Management Services. Our specialization is strictly technical, our emphasis is on the energy efficiency and energy services areas, but, in addition to this, we also added equipment and automation. We perform energy audit services, smart metering and feasibility studies. Smart metering is the foundation of all energy efficiency projects and the basis of all smart building projects that we want to implement. Without a diagnosis, an audit of consumption and periods of consumption within a property, we will never know where and when to act and how to monitor energy consumption later. Smart metering is a direction we are always pushing forward – there is currently a POIM 6.2 funding program open until December. We support such projects that can be combined with building automation and management (BMS). It is not good that Bucharest does not benefit from strong support in this respect, but other areas in the country are eligible for such projects and we can support them in getting financing”, said Anghel, during the online conference “Smart choices for smart cities”, organized by Energynomics and BusinessMark.

Smart building management systems aim to improve operating costs and to increase the quality of life of building occupants.

“It is very important that smart building and building management systems are not as prohibitive as they used to be in terms of costs. At the moment, through the solutions in our portfolio, we manage to integrate older solutions or different protocols and we are flexible in offering solutions at low costs”, he added, presenting the company’s solutions.

“What is different from the old solutions is cloud integration and analysis, which were previously static, ad data were stored in a computer in the BMS. At the moment, the data is collected and interpreted in the cloud and we can obtain forecasts, establish the needed equipment and how to operate the building. The equipment allows us to integrate solutions from different companies and different protocols, so we are not limited when upgrading an old building. We can use new sensors and systems for modernization.”

At the same time, the energy costs related to the use of space and the costs related to lay-offs can be optimized.

“A BMS integrates all systems – from air conditioning, light control, access, outdoor lighting to space occupancy – in a single solution, so as to allow a better efficiency of the building,” said Anghel.

A special emphasis falls on the comfort side, by optimizing and personalizing the space, including using controls installed on the user’s mobile phone (terminal), from thermostat to lighting, etc.

In the midst of the pandemic, employees are encouraged to work from home.

“A certain fear has been created related to the spread of the virus by recirculating the air. We need to find smart solutions, including in building management, to support economic recovery. There are proactive measures – open communication – and reactive measures in this area. What is very important is the air quality control. We need to know which spaces are occupied and which are not, what spaces are occupied and which are not, and we must avoid unnecessary contacts, ensuring social distance and communicating with people. Some applicable measures are related to the improvement space ventilation, the number of cycles of fresh air introduced, the filtration equipment, the filters used and even the use of UVC light, which destroys microbes. We have several solutions in this regard, including programming and control through mobile equipment, to communicate the current status”.

Energy Up is one program that the company will be involved in, also in identifying financing solutions. “We have already established some commercial packages for the supply of photovoltaic energy solutions for the beneficiaries, so that they fall within the package of 100,000 euros – and also for POIM 6.2, for metering – we have some established routines, including in the financing area. In other cases, the beneficiary makes savings and they cover the financing from their own sources”.

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