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ALEA Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fair is back in Alba Iulia

2 October 2022

Six years after the previous edition, the Alba Local Energy Agency (ALEA) and the Alba County Council are organising a new event dedicated to the development of the local market for energy efficiency and renewable energy production at the Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor in Alba Iulia.

In recent years, interest in energy issues has been reduced, but new market conditions and especially the prospect of prices remaining high have changed things. “Subsidies [from the government, editor’s note] will not be enough and will not come forever,” stressed Ion Dumitrel, president of Alba County Council, in his opening message to ALEA’s Alba Green Energy Fair. Government representatives need to talk to researchers and experts who can offer solutions, Dumitrel said. On the other hand, each of us, for our own household or for the business we run, must find our own answers.

The fair is aimed at the general public, as well as local public authorities and potential investors, as it offers access to energy-efficient technologies and equipment, as well as to “green” energy production solutions, said the main promoter of the event, Florin Andronescu, President of ALEA. Efficient electricity-based transport systems, as well as solar panels, heat pumps, thermal power plants, thermodynamic heating systems and many other renewable energy applications are on display and presented by participating companies.

One of the exhibiting companies expressed the growing interest in these topics with a figure: “Since the beginning of the year, we have done 70 small photovoltaic projects here in Alba County alone”. The cost for a one kW of installed PV capacity is around €1,300, but they can be scaled to almost completely eliminate dependence on electricity from the national grid.

Heat pump solutions are more expensive but can provide the answer to the need for heat, especially for areas not connected to the gas grid. “At current prices, both for gas and wood, demand is very high,” said one exhibitor. The easiest to install, including in multi-family residential buildings, are air-to-water systems. For new construction, ground-to-water or water-to-water pumps can also be considered, with better efficiencies but higher initial costs.

At the “Eco Inventica” exhibition, the researchers present, among other things, a heating/cooling system based on circulating air inside the exterior walls, and a system for storing electricity based on the vertical movement of a heavy body. Dia Doxa Folex presents modular polyurethane elements for energy-passive constructions, as well as heat storage in excellently insulated water tanks.

Opened on Saturday, 1 October, from 10 am, at the Casa de Cultură a Sindicatelor in Alba Iulia, the 10th edition of the ALEA Fair “Alba Green Energy” awaits you on Sunday until 5 pm.

„Alba Green Energy” vă așteaptă și duminică, până la ora 17.

According to MEP Florin Roman, present at the opening of the Fair, Alba is the sixth county in Romania in ranking of gross domestic product per capita, although it is one of the smallest, ranking only 29th by number of inhabitants. The county’s main industries are motor vehicle manufacturing, electrical equipment manufacturing, food processing and wood processing.

A few days before the opening of the Fair, ALEA also organised a discussion forum on “How to become a prosumer?”

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