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AFM publishes new lists of funding approvals

24 May 2022
General Interest

The Environmental Fund Administration has published new lists of legal entities accepted in the National Car Park Renewal Stimulation Program (Rabla Program) and in the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Program, by promoting clean and efficient road transport vehicles from Energy Program (Rabla Plus Program), the Energy Efficiency Program for Single Family Homes (Energy Efficient House), the Energy Efficiency Program for Public Lighting Infrastructure (Public Lighting) and the Greening of Waste Areas Program (“Cleaning Romania”) as a result of the approval of the financing files in the meeting of the Approval Committee on May 19, 2022, the institution announced on its own website.

At this stage, 217 files for 379 cars and 3 motorcycles were accepted under the Rabla Program. Also, 8 appeals were published for 17 vehicles.

For the Rabla Plus Program, 11 accepted files were accepted for 13 electric vehicles, of which 10 were purely electric and 3 were plug-in hybrids. Also, 6 appeals were published for 2 hybrid electric eco-labels and 7 pure electric eco-labels.

AFM also published a new list containing 23 approved files worth 1,169,481.13 lei within the Energy Efficient House Program.

At the same time, AFM also approved 1 financing file with a value of 756,201.03 lei for the Public Lighting Program.

Also, 210 financing files were approved, amounting to 1,995,712.34 lei within the “Cleaning Romania” Program.

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