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AFM Program: Some applicants can not benefit from grants; branching costs too much

25 July 2019

The much-anticipated government program by which Romanians can mount photovoltaic panels at home with a 20,000-lei state subsidy has been slashed so that the Government can not be accused of offering state aid. Major categories of the country’s active population can not access this program: home-based contractors and homes under mortgages.

“The building on which the project is being implemented is not affected by tasks in favor of a legal person or an entity engaged in economic activities.”

This is the amendment to the “Financing Guide to the Program for the Installation of Photovoltaic Panels Systems for Electricity Production in order to cover the consumption needs and delivery of the surplus in the national network”, through an Order of the Ministry of Environment, still under public discussion, according to

In addition, the connection costs are extremely high. “For the past year we are addressing ANRE with the request to simplify the prospect. This ATR (branching approval) says it all! At the same time, AFMs are just changing their funding guidelines and making them ineligible for all those who have bought / built a home with a mortgage and all those who have a corporate headquarters in a home. That’s exactly the active class of society.

The conclusion is clear and sad, the Romanian state does not want prosumers!”, said Martin Moise, vice-president of Patres, on a socializing channel, explaining the difficulties that prosumers are struggling to connect to the network through a document that demonstrates total costs of branching of 6,000 lei for a simple prosumer.

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