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AFM: Double budget compared to 2020 – details

26 March 2021
General Interest

Bogdan Tudorache

The Ministry of Environment announced a double budget for the programs carried out through the Administration of the Environment Fund (AFM) in 2021, of 2.8 billion lei.

The draft Government Decision for the approval of the budget of revenues and expenditures for 2021 of the Environment Fund and the Administration of the Environment Fund (AFM) was published for public consultation on the website of the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests.

“AFM programs will have a budget for payments of about 2.8 billion lei this year, almost double the 1.5 billion lei in 2019. To support the population in this period of great economic challenges, we have many news that also refers to the older programs,” it is shown in a release of the ministry, detailed as follows.

Rabla classic

The program to stimulate the renewal of the National Car Park 2020-2024 will have a total budget of 440 million lei, 35 million lei higher than in 2020, which will allow the purchase of over 55,000 new, less polluting vehicles.

Will be increased:

  • scrapping premium from 6,500 lei to 7,500 lei;
  • ecobonus hybrid technology (not plug-in) from 2,500 lei to 3,000 lei;
  • CNG / LPG ecobonus / emissions below 96 g CO2 / km from 1,000 lei to 1,500 lei.

The maximum amount that can be settled from the costs of a new car through RABLA CLASIC is approximately 2,250 euros, because the eco-bonuses can be combined with each other and added to the scrapping premium.

Rabla plus

The program on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport, by promoting clean and energy efficient road transport vehicles 2020-2024 will have the largest budget since launch – of 400 million lei, double the year last.

The program that stimulates transport with zero emissions or close to zero keeps unchanged the highest premium in Europe for electric cars: 10,000 euro for full electric and about 4,500 euro for plug-in hybrid cars, but not more than 50% of the value of the new vehicle.

With this year’s budget, up to 6,600 full-electric cars and about 5,000 plug-in hybrid cars will be available for purchase.

In 2021 Rabla and Rabla Plus will be fully computerized, by creating computer modules that will allow the registration of legal entities through an application that will automatically check the invoices submitted by car dealers.

The funding guidelines will be amended to allow for continuous inclusion within the total allocated budgets, without the need for suspension at the end of the year until the approval of the budget for the following year.

Rabla for appliances

The national program for replacing used electrical and electronic equipment with more energy-efficient ones will have a budget of 75 million lei this year, the largest so far. The categories of equipment that can be purchased through the program will be kept: refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, televisions, laptops and tablets.

With the support of STS, the computer application optimized to be integrated with the software and websites of merchants enrolled in the program, is in the final testing phase and will be operational shortly.

A validation session will take place before the launch of the program, in order to give other traders the opportunity to join the program.

Electric public transport

The implementation of the contracts concluded with the cities of Bucharest and Brașov for the purchase of electric and electric-hybrid buses will go on.

A new program to “green” local student transport – the program to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, using less polluting vehicles in student transport – electric-hybrid minibuses, electric, CNG – which will have a budget of 600 million lei, will be developed.

Green infrastructure

For the development of the recharging infrastructure of electric vehicles, the following are provided:

  • continuation of the program for the installation of recharging stations in the county seat municipalities with a budget of 21 million lei for the approval and conclusion of contracts following the evaluation of the last 15 financing files submitted under this program;
  • 500 million lei for a new program for other categories of local authorities (second-tier municipalities, cities, tourist resorts, etc.);
  • 175 million lei for a new program for economic operators who want to install recharging stations on highways, national and European roads.

Ecological street public lighting

The program regarding the public street lighting will continue having provided 800 million lei, of which:

  • 500 million lei for the launch of a new financing session in 2021,
  • 300 million lei for the approval of the financing files submitted in the 2020 session and the signing of the related contracts.

Energy efficiency in homes, schools and public institutions

Two programs that ensure access to ecological heating and insulation systems or ecological lighting for both individuals and public institutions, through which we try to make more energy efficient buildings in Romania.

We focus on solving the files already submitted, in order to be able to sign the first financing contracts and we take into account the increase of the financing percentage that will benefit those who have already submitted the files.

The program on increasing energy efficiency in single-family buildings will have a total budget of 429 million lei with which we can finance up to 15,000 euros per home, for signing contracts with household beneficiaries who have already submitted the files, as well as with those to be enroll in the program.

The program on increasing energy efficiency in public buildings will have allocated the amount of 1.40 billion lei. Although, in the first instance, the program was designed only for schools, we considered extending the eligibility to ATUs and public institutions, the funding guide being finalized at the AFM level.

Photovoltaic panels

First of all, we will make sure that all the arrears from the previous session are completed, so that we are ready in the shortest time to relaunch the program called generic “Green House Photovoltaics” with the budget left unconsumed, but with a much improved guide.

We will relaunch the Program on the installation of photovoltaic systems for isolated households not connected to the electricity distribution network with a budget of 250 million lei, taking into account the interest shown by local authorities that have expressed their desire to participate. In this regard, it is necessary to update the situation regarding isolated households at national level.

Waste recycling and treatment plants

Because the issue of waste is and will remain a main theme of action, this year, the Waste Management Program will have 1.80 billion lei for the launch of financing sessions as follows:

  • 50 million lei for the closure of new non-compliant municipal waste landfills, included in cases at the level of the Court of Justice of the European Union, for which Romania risks initiating infringement proceedings;
  • 500 million lei for projects aimed at increasing recycling capacities by building recycling / waste treatment facilities made by economic operators; for this financing line, we started the steps for approving the budget increase to 1 billion lei.
  • 1.25 billion lei for the development of selective collection systems at the local level (automated selective collection systems above and underground, as well as temporary waste storage platforms for selection and sorting by waste categories).

Other programs that will receive funding

The program aimed at the protection of water resources, integrated water supply systems, treatment plants, sewerage and treatment plants with a budget of 500 million lei for financing water supply systems, wastewater collection and treatment plants/water treatment, taking into account the large number of deficient localities from this point of view at national level.

The program regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by afforesting the lands with 200 million lei commitment credits proposed for the launch of some sessions in 2021 and for the signing of the afferent financing contracts. A working group has been set up for this financing line under the coordination of MMAP, which aims to identify financing priorities in the field of afforestation at national level and to develop draft guides.

The program aimed at developing the bicycle infrastructure in Romania with a budget of 500 million lei for bicycle tracks.

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