AFEER is also officially representing suppliers of natural gas


The Association of Electricity Suppliers in Romania – AFEER has received the approval of the Romanian courts to change the status and name, as the Association will also represent natural gas suppliers, along with electricity and, consequently, will change its name to the Association of Energy Suppliers of Romania.

„The Association of Electricity Suppliers of Romania marks an important moment in its activity. Almost 15 years since it become the voice of electricity suppliers, the Association has decided to expand its activity and come to the aid of natural gas suppliers, in other words, of all energy suppliers. It was the next step expected, as most electricity suppliers and traders in the country also have licenses in the field of natural gas. In fact, the national authorities – ANRE, the Ministry of Energy, the parliamentary committees – also deal with both sectors, electricity and natural gas. It is also a common type of organization, internationally. With the approval of the statute by the courts, we also officially became the Association of Energy Suppliers of Romania,” said Ion Lungu, the president of the association.

The General Assembly of AFEER members approved, last year, the amendment of the Statute of the Association. The new approved name is the Association of Energy Suppliers of Romania.

“It is, indeed, an important step for the development of our Association. We aim to establish ourselves as a strong, competent and unitary voice of companies that supply millions of consumers with electricity and natural gas, in conditions of safety and reliability. We invite natural gas suppliers and traders to join the association, to join fellow electricity suppliers and traders. Therefore, in the new context, we opted for a new name – the Association of Energy Suppliers of Romania, to represent, equally, the interests of all of them. Our commitment is to develop a healthy energy market, a transparent business environment and ensure accurate information for electricity and natural gas consumers. That is why we will continue the campaign launched in 2015 for a correct information of consumers, especially household ones, given that an informed consumer is a protected consumer, so we will develop this campaign also for natural gas,” added Ion Lungu.

The Association, established in 2006, currently includes a number of 36 members, suppliers and traders.


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