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Adrian Teodorescu, the new general director of Termoenergetica Bucharest

3 September 2023
General Interest

Compania Municipală Termoenergetica Bucharest (CMTEB) S.A. announces that, as of Friday, Mr. Adrian Teodorescu has been appointed as the company’s general manager. Prior to his appointment, he held the position of director of the Legal Department of CMTEB. The position was previously occupied by Claudiu Crețu, who took over the management of Elcen.

“It is a continuation of the efforts made so far, both during the period in which I coordinated the legal direction and in the past. I will follow the integrated vision of the last years, focusing primarily on the execution of pipeline rehabilitation works, especially in the areas critical in order to prepare the system for the upcoming heating season. Essential actions to increase the performance of this public service will be urgent. Another priority will be to maintain and improve the dialogue with the Company’s employees – a vital, extremely valuable resource and, unfortunately, increasingly rare. The project submission process will be accelerated to attract available funds for financing, because I reiterate and support the fact that I am one of those who believe that the centralized heating system is the best, efficient and ecological system of heating”, claims Adrian Teodorescu.

Adrian Teodorescu held the position of director of the Legal Department within the CMTEB between May 2022 and August 2023, previously he was part of the Directorates of C.N.T.E.E. Transelectrica SA and Complex Energetica Oltenia S.A., and between 2014 and 2015 he held the position of General Director of RADET.

Compania Municipală Termoenergetica București S.A. provides hot water and heat for approximately 600,000 apartments and approximately 9,700 public institutions – schools, kindergartens, hospitals, economic agents, ensuring the safe operation of the National Energy System.

The company operates the transport and distribution system composed of: 954.09 km of pipes representing primary thermal networks and 2,963.3 km of pipes representing secondary thermal networks.

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