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A new restriction blocks wind turbines in Dobrogea, considered dangerous obstacles for planes

7 February 2024

Developers of wind projects in Dobrogea have been facing a new problem for some time, namely the lack of approval from the aeronautical authority, which recently considers that the turbines are too high and refuses to issue positive approvals for new constructions, after the change in the minimum altitude level of flight (MOCA – minimum obstacle clearance altitude), claim market sources consulted by Energynomics.

“Although the Mihail Kogălniceanu airport is at least 30-40 kilometers from the nearest wind project, the competent authorities are putting into practice, we say, with excessive zeal and without consulting anyone, this new flight limit since last year last. Thus, many wind projects received negative approval. We hope that the situation will change, by redefining the concept of the obstacle,” an investor told Energynomics.

As the aviation authority’s approvals last 12 months until they expire, and many projects have yet to start investment, even projects that have previously received positive approvals are at risk, the quoted source said.

“It is about a lack of transparency and communication. We hope that the situation will be resolved soon, through effective communication with all parties involved and all stakeholders,” said the quoted source.

Dobrogea is the most attractive area in Romania for the wind industry according to wind measurements, with already built projects worth several billion euros (the CEZ park alone was worth 1.1 billion euro), other new projects worth at least several hundred million of euro in the short and medium term being under construction.

Energynomics will also return with the position of the civil aeronautical authorities, which, at the time of writing this article, could not be contacted.

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