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500 million euros for microelectronics – call for projects

6 January 2022

Between January 17 and February 4, 2022, the Ministry of Economy is gathering project proposals that could qualify for funding through NRRP for the revitalization of microelectronics in Romania. The government is looking for large-scale innovative industrial projects to develop “cutting-edge capabilities and early industrial applications in critical parts of the value chain” in microelectronics and communications technology.

Financial support will be given to projects with a strong innovative component advancing the technology development stage (research-development-innovation), which may also include investments necessary for the realization of the first industrial deployment. Here are the main themes (Workstreams) identified by the European Commission:

  • smart sensors to strengthen Europe’s position through projects that exceed current performance or fill gaps in competence (WS Sense)
  • energy efficient processors and memories allowing the application of Artificial Intelligence, machine and deep learning techniques, etc. (WS Think)
  • actuators, including power electronics, strengthening the European position through innovations including in the field of materials, with applications in energy, electric mobility, etc. (WS Act)
  • high-performance connectivity solutions for people and things, ensuring flow, cybersecurity and energy efficiency (WS Communicate)

Since February-March 2021, calls for expressions of interest and project proposal have been launched and Industrial Contact Points have been identified and involved in the European consultations, states the Ministry of Economy. 25 entities from Romania participated in the match-making event organized at the level of the European Union (September 29 – October 29, 2021). On October 28, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – NRRP proposed by Romania was accepted by the Council of the European Union, with the reservation of the amount of 500 million euros for the invigoration of microelectronics in Romania.

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