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2.5 MW solar plant with CSUN modules completed by Day Energy in Romania

29 August 2013

CSUN and Day Energy announce the completion and connection of a 2.5 MW solar park project in Romania. The solar park was installed in only 50 days and connected to Electrica’s grid 35 km northwest of Bucharest. The system takes up 6ha of space and will provide 3.2 TWh of electricity per year to the County of Dambovitsa. The solar park was accepted by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) and receives six Green Certificates out of which 4 can be traded immediately.

The project uses more than 10,000 CSUN high efficiency modules connected to Power One string inverters and Schneider Electric transformer stations.

In addition to turnkey provision of the solar park to the investor, Day Energy also took care of the grid connection and provides operation and maintenance as part of a two year operations guarantee.

In Dambovitsa County the authorities accepted more than 50 authorizations for building PV plants.

GiurgiuDay Energy completed their first project in Romania in May

At the beggining of May, Day Energy announced the completion of another 7MW PV plant project in Giurgiu County, the first PV project completed by the company on the Romanian Renewable Energy market. Day Energy developed and built the array of near 14 ha, supporting the Enel inner-connection as well, but also signing responsible for the in-guarantee Operations for the coming two years. 28.000 Jinko 250W high-efficiency modules and 234 Power One 27.6 S2X sting inverters were connected to six Schneider Electric transformer stations.

Daniel Nikolov (Day Energy): We are able to provide a yield guarantee

Daniel Nikolov, responsible for turnkey developments and EPC at Day Energy underlines that “the 2.5 MW solar park is part of a structured multiple portfolio deal, which Day Energy managed to sign due to its diversified strategy of cross-border partnerships and cooperation with strong suppliers such as CSUN. This allows us to differentiate our offering from other EPCs and turnkey providers, because we are able to provide a yield guarantee, which is an important factor for banks who expect great flexibility in providing bridge financing and expertise allowing to provide such guarantees.”

William Sheng, Vice President Global Sales and CEO of CSUN’s EMEA operations add: “For CSUN partnerships with company’s such as Day Energy who have proven their excellence in realizing large photovoltaic projects are essential. Particularly Day Energy’s cross border approach makes them an interesting customers, as they are able to provide the necessary expertise to other developing solar markets, e.g. in Turkey or in Africa.”


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