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110 employees of OSCAR Downstream renovated the Sextil Pușcariu High School in Brasov County

13 October 2023

OSCAR Downstream, the largest independent fuel distribution company in Romania, contributed at the end of September to the renovation of the Sextil Pușcariu high school in Bran, Brasov county, continuing its tradition of civic involvement in Romanian communities.

OSCAR employees, led by the management team, renovated the interior and exterior of the high school, divided into work teams according to their inclination towards a particular type of activity. The 4-day project included – in a wide-ranging activity – the complete renovation of 9 classrooms, replacement of damaged furniture, decoration of the interior space, refurbishment of the outdoor courtyard, replacement and refurbishment of outdoor furniture and recreational elements, all with the support of a team of specialists, specially chosen to make the result a delightful one for OSCAR employees and children alike.

“Active involvement in society is a tradition of OSCAR Downstream, which we enthusiastically respect every year,” says Nicolae Bănică, CEO Oscar Downstream. “Over the years, we have had numerous volunteer initiatives confirming our commitment to the communities in which we are present. Most of them have been focused on education, because it is a key pillar in our vision of sustainable development. An educated younger generation is one more chance for a better future. We are happy to be able to contribute to creating a youth-friendly educational environment, tailored to the needs of young people at such an important stage in their lives”.


Located 25 kilometres from Brasov, Sextil Pușcariu High School is the only high school in the area, within a radius of 30 kilometres and educates about 500 students from Bran and neighbouring communes (Moeciu, Fundata), on 5 educational levels (pre-school, primary, secondary, technological high school and vocational school). Located in an area of intense tourist interest, close to the Bucegi National Park and Piatra Craiului National Park, the high school combines a focus on educational specialisations chosen in line with the demand for skilled labour in the area, with a concern for ecology and a green future, present in many of the activities carried out by the school (participation in greening activities in partnership with local authorities, recycling campaigns, etc.).

The renovation project, supported with the financial involvement of OSCAR Downstream and the volunteer effort of its team, has provided inspiration and comfort for the students who learn here.

“The true value of the actions carried out in Sextil Pușcariu Bran High School was measured in the crystalline look and eyes full of gratitude of our students when they rediscovered their classrooms”, says Bogdan Pucheanu, the high school principal. “Congratulations for the support you give to the children and to the educational act, congratulations for the enthusiastic involvement of the whole team, for your seriousness and altruism, congratulations for caring! The high school management team thanks you on behalf of all the beneficiaries!”

Over the years, the OSCAR team has carried out similar actions in other communities in Romania, such as Drașov, Jud. Alba, a complex project to renovate, equip and decorate the local secondary school and kindergarten. In addition to the contribution they generate in the local communities, these actions also help to strengthen the team, by welding the relationships between colleagues and confirming the common values that the company has been promoting for over 22 years.

OSCAR Downstream’s sustainability strategy is built on five pillars of action, each with separate initiatives – OSCAR for Employees (involvement through volunteering), OSCAR for Community (promotion of the young generation of Romanian artists and athletes and active involvement in the community at all levels for a better future), OSCAR for Education (active involvement to support the education of children and young people), OSCAR for Health (initiatives to improve and modernise the healthcare system) and OSCAR for Environment (initiatives for healthy policies and safety measures).


About OSCAR Downstream
With a history of over 22 years, OSCAR Downstream is the largest independent fuel distribution company in Romania, ranked in the top 5 players, with a portfolio of over 5,000 customers in key industries such as transport, construction, industry and agriculture. Its petrol station network has exceeded 100 stations, of which 30 own stations dedicated to the B2B customer segment under the OSCAR Drive brand, and more than 70 franchised stations under the RO concept OSCAR brand for B2C customers.

In addition, there are more than 2,500 OSCAR – DIESELPoint (a concept introduced for the first time on the Romanian market by OSCAR Downstream in 2004, which allows refuelling directly at the customer’s location). OSCAR Downstream is the only company in Romania that also offers customers dedicated maintenance and service for these forecourts. Its high-performance logistics infrastructure includes, in its own integrated logistics chain, a fleet of more than 80 modern tankers (the largest own fleet of tankers on the Romanian market), as well as its own storage network with a storage capacity of more than 65,000 cubic meters of diesel and gasoline.

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