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Întreprindere cu flux tehnologic de fabricaţie integrat, FORTUS este un producător de utilaj tehnologic greu cu o structura metalurgic-mecanică integrată care dispune multe sectoare de fabricaţie.

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Cifra de afaceri: 21.48 mil. lei
Profit: -35.7012 mil. lei
Angajati: 731

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Gheorghe Chisca - Director General


Enterprise integrated manufacturing flow, FORTUS is a manufacturer of heavy technological equipment with integrated mechanical-metallurgical structure has the following manufacturing sectors: the primary sector which includes electric steelmaking, modeling, foundry forge steel section, the the fully equipped mechanical welding steel welded assemblies for implementation; machining sector comprising three sections equipped with machine tools and equipment that can provide processing, assembling and testing complex equipment, the heat treatment. Science ago FORTUS certification implemented and applied quality system according to ISO 9001/2008.


Blvd. Poitiers nr. 10, cod 700671, Iasi, Jud. Iasi