Transgaz: The capacity made available on all interconnection points is of 44.2 mmc daily


The firm capacity made available by Transgaz on all the interconnection points with the adjacent transport and system operators (TSOs) is of 44.2 million cubic meters/ day, informs SNTGN Transgaz SA, the technical operator of the National Transport System (SNT) about on the supply of natural gas from import during the winter period 2019-2020.

Thus, in the Ukraine-Romania direction, the firm capacity in the Isaccea1 – Orlovka1 IP is about 18.8 million cubic meters/ day, and in the Bulgaria – Romania direction the firm capacity in the Negru Vodă 1 – Kardam PI (reverse flow) is of 15.7 million cubic meters/ day.

“Without taking into account the capacities available at PI Csanadpalota and PI Ruse – Giurgiu of about 9.7 million cubic meters/ day, the total capacity available at PI Isaccea 1 – Orlovka1 plus Negru Vodă 1 – Kardam is of about 34.5 million cubic meters/ day. Through this interconnection point it is possible to ensure the necessary gas from import for Romania, which under extremely low temperatures is about 20-22 million cubic meters/ day, “Transgaz said in a statement quoted by Agerpres.


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