Transelectrica: The National Power System operates in normal parameters


The National Electric Power System operates in normal parameters, taking into account both the difficult weather conditions of the last days and the epidemiological context COVID-19, informs the National Transport Company of the Electric Power Transelectrica.

According to a press release from the company, quoted by Agerpres, the personnel from the National Energy Dispatcher and the five Territorial Dispatchers, as well as the personnel that ensure the operation of the electricity transmission network, are working under normal operating conditions for maintaining the security of electricity supply. Also, the health status of Transelectrica staff is normal.

“The electricity transmission network plays an essential role in the continuity of the electricity supply and we take on the responsibility of its normal functioning. We do it with seriousness and involvement with Transelectrica professionals from all over the country. We have several hundred employees who through professionalism and by their responsibility ensure day-to-day the safe and continuous functioning of the National Power System.

Professionals mobilized by a strong sense of duty working both in the National Energy Dispatcher, in the Territorial Energy Dispatchers, in the Centers for Telecommunication and Surveillance Installations, as well as in the Operating Centers and in all 81 stations. We are all grateful for their common efforts and we do our best to protect them from the epidemic,” said Cătălin Nițu, chief executive officer, president of the Directorate of CNTEE Transelectrica SA.

He mentioned that a large part of the Transelectrica staff, where the activity allows, is already working from home, and at the company level the Continuity Plan is being constantly implemented and improved. “In this period of crisis, without precedent, our company makes every effort to fulfill its mission of public service,” added Cătălin Nițu.


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