The rectified budget of the AFM also contains the amounts for subsidizing prosumers


The Ministry of the Environment has recently made public the rectified budget of the Environmental Fund Administration, which also contains the allocation for the government subsidized photovoltaic panel installation program.

The allocation for this program is 450 million lei (of which commitment appropriations of about 442 million) European non-reimbursable funds, plus the national contribution of 79.4 million lei, of which 78 million commitment credits, according to

Until financing, AFM would still have to solve several issues.

The last-minute changes to the Program Financing Guide on the installation of photovoltaic panels for electricity generation affect the potential beneficiaries, who are the active and productive blanket of the population and who should be the target audience of the AFM program. Thus, they risk being excluded from financing, warned the employers association of small renewable energy producers PATRES.


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