The Government and the Presidency of Romania initiate the preliminary election procedure


Prime Minister Ludovic Orban said on Friday, at the end of talks with the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, that it was agreed to organize early elections, claiming that it is the best solution for Romania.

“I make it clear that I and President Klaus Iohannis have decided that it is best for Romania to organize early elections. The Romanians have made it clear in the referendum, in the European Parliamentary and presidential elections that they will not choose PSD anymore. At this time the Parliament is dominated by the PSD and acts as a brake for the Government and it is absolutely necessary for the citizens to choose their representatives so that there is a Parliament that is a mirror of the wishes of the Romanians,” said Orban, at the end of the Cotroceni meeting.

Asked if he would resign or wait for a censure motion against the Government, the prime minister replied: “I will not reveal the strategy. Of course, I have agreed that this is the best solution for Romania. We will surely find the best solutions to trigger the early elections procedure,” according to “There are two solutions to trigger the early elections procedure (e.n. – resignation of the prime minister and censure motion). Depending on the evolution of events we will call on one or the other,” added Orban.

Regarding the date when the elections will take place, Orban said it would be “useful and good” to be simultaneously with the locals or at a time as close to the local elections as possible.


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