The BRUA project could return to its original form, following ACER’s decision


The BRUA pipeline, a strategic project for Romania, could return to its original plan, despite the vehement opposition of Hungary, if a draft decision of the ACER Agency is approved in the next period. For two years, Hungary is trying to divert the route through Slovakia and is putting pressure on it because it does not want the pipeline to cross its territory to reach Austria.

Contacted by, Răzvan Nicolescu, former ACER board president and former Romanian energy minister, says the European agency’s decision will be to return the project to its original version.

„I think the BRUA will come back to its original form, without going through Slovakia. This decision is not a victory or a defeat for someone. It is just a decision that puts into effect the European regulations in force. After its formal adoption, there is a time when it can be challenged on ACER board of appeals, led by former European commissioner Andris Piebals. Then, the decision is binding and needs to be implemented. I believe much in regional energy cooperation. It must be based on respect and implementation of existing regulations and commitments,” said Răzvan Nicolescu.


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