Tariff comparators for electricity and gas are also available on the Competition Council’s website


The tariff comparators for the offers of the natural gas and electricity suppliers are now also available on the web page of the competition authority, www.consiliulconcuretei.ro.

In the context of the liberalization of the electricity market, the tariff comparator made by the National Energy Regulatory Authority – ANRE was accessed by many household consumers to analyze the suppliers’ offers, which led to a difficulty in its operation.

As a result, the Competition Council and ANRE decided that both platforms for comparing offers (natural gas and electricity) can be accessed from the website of the competition authority, the data and information in the application being provided by ANRE.

Tariff comparators are applications through which consumers can analyze the offers of natural gas and electricity suppliers and can access, directly and centrally, information on suppliers’ offers, documents required to conclude contracts, how to send documents to suppliers.

Users can also simulate the value of the invoice by entering data on monthly consumption and the supply price in the current contract, thus being able to compare offers to choose the one that best suits their needs.


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