RON remains above the psychological threshold of 4.8 lei for one euro, the gold reaches a historic high on Monday


The NBR posted on Monday a price of 4.8024 lei for one euro, lower by 0.02 subdivisions compared to the quotation of 4.8026 lei for one euro, established in the previous meeting.

The leu also appreciated in relation to the US dollar, the announced rate being of 4.4395 lei, decreasing by 0.67 subdivisions (-0.15%), compared to the value of Friday, respectively 4.4462 lei for the US currency.

At the same time, the leu gained ground in front of the Swiss franc, reaching a quotation of 4,5257 lei, with 0.01 subdivisions below the amount from the previous sitting, of 4,5258 lei for a CHF.

At the same time, the gold increased, on Monday, by 6.94 lei per gram (2.97%), up to a quotation of 240.4606 lei, from 233.5122 lei as announced on Friday by the National Bank of Romania (NBR), again recording a record value, according to Agerpres.


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