Romgaz and Conpet, the first called to balance the state budget with 575 million lei in additional dividends


Romgaz and Conpet have announced investors that the majority shareholder – the Romanian state, through the Energy Ministry – requests payment of additional dividends totaling 825 million lei. The note on substantiation of the budgetary rectification announced by the Government includes the statement that “non-tax revenues will increase by 2,038.7 million lei, out of which 2,000 million lei additional earnings estimated from dividends”. It is likely that other big energy companies in the Government portfolio, through the Ministries of Energy and Economy, will be called upon to contribute to the state budget revenues by paying additional dividends. Among these are Hidroelectrica, Nuclearelectrica, Transelectrica, Transgaz.

In the case of Romgaz, the Ministry of Energy requested the distribution of 750 million lei in the form of dividends. As the ministry owns 70% of the share capital, the state budget counts on an additional income of about 525 million lei. In turn, Conpet announced that the Energy Ministry is requesting the distribution of 85 million lei in the form of dividends, which would add to the public budget about 50 million lei, given that the state controls 58.7% of the shares of the national liquid hydrocarbon transport operator.

Finance Minister Ionuţ Mişa announced on Friday the main points of the budget rectification, which is, he maintains, „positive”. Mişa said the biggest cuts will be at the Ministry of Development and European Funds and at the Ministry of Transport, according to Hotnews.


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