ROMATOM: The biggest process equipment, made in Romania on the IMGB platform, for a refinery in Egypt


The Romanian Atomic Forum (ROMATOM) welcomes the achievement of Walter Tosto WTB, ROMATOM member, who manufactured for the first time in Romania three process columns, on the IMGB industrial platform, intended for use in a refinery in Alexandria, Egypt.

The largest of the columns – Deisohexanizer Tray Column – measures 68 meters in length, 7.5 meters in diameter and weighs over 360 tons. The production of the columns lasted 11 months, the design and production being carried out by Walter Tosto WTB, according to a ROMATOM press release.

The transport of the columns will be done with the help of special equipment from Walter Tosto WTB on the route Danube – Constanța port – beneficiary.

“We are proud that these equipments were designed and executed in our factory, located on the IMGB platform. This achievement is another proof of the fact that the activity on the IMGB industrial platform is in continuous development and at the same time of the fact that IMGB is and will be an important supplier not only for the global industry, but also for the Romanian industry, including the nuclear industry,” said Lucian Rusu, Deputy General Manager within Walter Tosto WTB and President of ROMATOM.

He added that the company’s representatives continue to invest in the factory on the IMGB platform, through the acquisition of high-performance equipment specific to its production, expansion of current production capacity and the establishment of a school for welders and locksmiths, to ensure and increase qualified workforce for future projects.


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