Romanian energy system, ready for the extreme temperatures period


Romania will experience a thermal shock with night lows of up to minus 20 degrees, in some places even lower, but the National Energy System is ready for this period, informs the Ministry of Energy.

“On Wednesday, February 10, the meeting of the Winter Command coordinated at the level of the Ministry of Energy was organized by the Secretary of State, Niculae Havrileţ. The meeting was attended by the most important actors in the energy sector. On behalf of the Command, we convey that, starting with Friday, for a period of seven to eight days, Romania will experience a thermal shock with night minima of up to -20 degrees, in some places even lower. The daily temperature will have a negative level of up to -8 degrees. The Energy System is ready to go through this thermal shock. All the essential actors that ensure the functioning of the National Energy System have specified that they are ready for the next period,” the statement reads, according to Agerpres.

According to the quoted source, the Oltenia Energy Complex will function normally, and in special cases a group of electricity production from Turceni will be available.


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