Prosumers’ photovoltaic panel installers ask AFM for new rules


The representatives of the installers of photovoltaic panels through the program managed by the Administration of the Environmental Fund (AFM) officially sent to the institution their requests regarding the conditions for the resumption of the governmental program that was stopped a few hours after the launch.

The application was signed by 110 representatives of the validated installers and received registration number from AFM on October 1, according to

The installers’ requests for the resumption of the program, which have already been made public but have not yet been registered with the AFM, include: five users with a unique password for each installer, announcing the resumption of the program at least five days in advance, limiting it to 50 a the number of files that can be submitted daily by each company, the obligation of the AFM to provide clarifications (if required) when submitting the documentation for the settlement of the files, the possibility to see in the AFM’s information platform the situation of the program: the list of applicants eligible and the list of submitted projects that have been accepted for settlement.

The computer application through which the 245 accredited companies could submit the financing projects for the installation of photovoltaic panels through the AFM program was closed on September 10, the same day it was opened, just six and a half hours after the program’s inception, due to some technical problems.


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