New gas power plant of 70 million euro in Borzești


Electrocentrale Borzești SRL (ex-Infinite Gas Development), which entered this year in the portfolio of the group of companies with energy profile Renovatio and which at the end of 2019 bought the historic Borzești thermal power plant from the former bankrupt state giant Termoelectrica, intends to transform the current Group 7 of of the thermal power plant into a new 189 MW combined cycle gas production unit, which could be put into operation at the middle of next year, according to

“The project will consist of upgrading the existing Group 7 and transforming it into a combined cycle electricity generation system, consisting of three groups with electric generators driven by gas turbines and recovery boilers for medium pressure steam production, used to drive of two steam turbines, which, in turn, drive two other electric generators,” it is shown in an official document of Electrocentrale Borzești.

According to the quoted source, the total value of the investment is estimated at about 70 million euro.


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