Michal Osladil, IBM: Energy companies in the CEE region increasingly use artificial intelligence


There are currently a number of disruptive changes in the energy sector, considers Michal Osladil, Energy & Utilities Leader, IBM CEE, referring mainly to the decarbonization process.

“Decarbonization is changing the structure of electricity generation, even dramatically, for many companies in the EEC region,” said Michal Osladil at the 2020 Energy Strategy Summit. “Countries in this region, such as Poland or the Czech Republic, have to phase-out coal, have to use new concepts and they have to replace, in just a few years, traditional units with other energy sources. New smaller projects will be connected to the grids and they will generate energy randomly, not as we were used to until now. All players in the entire integrated value chain of utilities need to take such action. Now, more than ever, we need to use all the data we have to extract valuable information so that we can manage companies in this new business environment of the circular economy”, he added.

“We have to have our data ready to use. For example, in the implementation of efficiency projects, I need to know as much as possible about the assets in question, how important they are and how they can be adapted. Artificial intelligence can help us in processes like this”, explained the IBM representative, presenting the company’s solutions.


“Unfortunately, 81% of the companies do not understand what data they need for using artificial intelligence. Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, but it cannot be used without a proper flow of data. Over 80% of the data is still locked in inaccessible areas, especially if we are talking about companies in the energy distribution or transport segments. We are currently implementing data platforms for our customers, especially in the field of distribution or transport of electricity, but also of natural gas, in the Czech Republic or Slovakia; they can take over the data to make valuable information reports. We connect data and provide information, such as asset status, to engineers at all company locations.”


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