INS: The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose to 4.8% in April 2020


The unemployment rate in Romania rose to 4.8% in April 2020, equaling the level of the second half of 2017, the unemployment rate for men being 1.5 percentage points higher than for women, according to the National Institute of Statistics.

The unemployment rate in April 2020 increased to the level of 2.5 years ago (the second half of 2017), respectively by 0.2 percentage points compared to the previous month (4.8% compared to 4.6 %), states INS, according to Agerpres.

The estimated number of unemployed aged 15 to 74 for April 2020 was of 432,000 people, up from the previous month (414,000 people) and also up as compared to the same month of last year (355,000 people).

For adults aged 25 to 74, the unemployment rate was estimated at 3.8% for April 2020 (4.5% for men and 3% for women). The number of unemployed people aged 25-74 represents 74.9% of the total number of unemployed estimated for April 2020, the quoted source also shows.


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