Hidoelectrica updates the prices offered to existing household customers


In the context of updating Hidroelectrica’s supply offer for household consumers, respectively reducing the price of active energy from 0.255 lei/kWh to 0.245 lei/kWh in the first half of next year, the company announces existing customers that they will also benefit from the new prices , more advantageous, the terms and conditions of the contracts already signed will be updated in this respect.

“It is a sign of respect for our customers. All those who have already chosen the Hidroelectrica offer must have the certainty that they can enjoy the best contractual conditions that the company can offer at a certain moment. Our commercial policy means attracting consumers to a fair partnership, in which everyone gives their best, on their own initiative “, said Bogdan Badea, President of Hidroelectrica.

Hidroelectrica is the largest Romanian electricity producer and the main provider of technological services required in the National Energy System. The company has in operation a number of 209 hydroelectric power plants with an installed capacity totaling 6,482 MW.

The company’s strategic plans include diversifying the production portfolio to the area of green energy and adjacent services: establishment/acquisition of onshore and offshore wind farms, photovoltaics, hydrogen production and development of a network of electric car charging stations.


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