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PPC: Intelligent public lighting solutions helped customers save over 3,200 MWh in 2023

1 February 2024

PPC Advanced Energy Services Romania (part of PPC Group, previously called Enel X Romania) carried out in 2023 through its e-City division, 40 street, pedestrian, and interior lighting projects with LED technology for city halls and public institutions in 19 counties in the country, including Bucharest. Through these, institutional customers ensure, on average, reductions in energy consumption between 60% and 70%, depending on the functionalities chosen.

In total, more than 19,000 energy-efficient LED lamps were supplied and installed in these projects, most of them for street lighting, followed by those for pedestrian route lighting projects.

Over 90% of PPC Advanced Energy Services Romania projects in 2023 also include a remote-control component (tele management system) – it can take control of the public lighting network, remotely adjust the parameters of the smart street lighting system such as intensity and generate reports on the operating status of the lighting network, connection, various measurements. Additionally, in some projects, lighting solutions also included consoles and pole fastening systems, accessories for connecting to the existing electrical network.

In total, city halls and public institutions that have chosen PPC Advanced Energy Services Romania’s smart lighting solutions save 3,200 MWh per year for street, pedestrian, or indoor lighting. The amount saved could be used to power a city with 15,000 LED streetlights for a year.

The projects carried out in 2023 were for mayoralties in the counties of Alba, Arad, Bihor, Brăila, Botoșani, Brașov, Bucharest, Călărași, Constanța, Cluj, Giurgiu, Harghita, Hunedoara, Maramureș, Mureș, Olt, Sibiu, Timișoara, Vâlcea (supply and installation of lighting lamps, remote management system for most of the projects).

In 2023, most municipalities in the same county that opted for PPC Advanced Energy Services Romania services were in Cluj, eight of them benefiting, in total, from over 3,000 smart lighting bodies. The company also provided public lighting products for a portion of A3, Drajna passage, and for three educational institutions in Bucharest, Constanța and Botoșani provided and installed interior and pedestrian lighting solutions.

“In 2023, we supplied and installed more than 19,000 lamps based on LED technology, almost four times more than in 2022. Several other large-scale projects won from the 2023 tenders will also be completed this quarter. We have also diversified our portfolio, so that in 2023 we had more institutional customers who opted for pedestrian and indoor lighting solutions to streamline energy consumption and trust the turnkey solutions we can provide,” said Dorin Petrisor Chisăliță, Head of e-City division within PPC Advanced Energy Services Romania.

So far, PPC Advanced Energy Services Romania has completed approximately 80 public lighting projects carried out with public authorities across the country.

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