Head of DG Clima met with officials of the Ministry of Economy and Energy for the Modernization Fund – more than 5 billion euros in stake


Bogdan Tudorache

The officials of DG Clima met in Bucharest on Thursday with representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Energy, to elaborate some details related to the new investment facilities of the European Union, sources told energynomics.ro.

Mainly, there were discussions about the major facilities made available to Romania by the Union through the Modernization Fund, which could bring to Romania about 5 billion euros, said the source. “The head of DG Clima, Roman Doubrava, met for one hour with the officials of the Ministry, including the Secretary of State Elena Popescu,” said the quoted source.

According to a document consulted by energynomics.ro, if the value of an ETS allocation is 20 euros (the minimum scenario), Romania has until 2030 approximately: 2.5 billion euros through the Solidarity Fund, at least 1, 87 billion euros by way of derogation from Article 10c, about 756 million euros from the most important and newest instrument – the Modernization Fund (which can receive money from other facilities, in which case Romania could receive up to to 5.3 billion euros) and an unspecified amount from a new fund, namely the Innovation Fund.


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