Greenpeace Romania is launching an information campaign for prosumers


Greenpeace launched a new campaign to promote the term of prosumer, which is translated for the general public, clarifying the basic notions.

The term is thus explained by an online campaign with several elements: video a package of visuals and content for social media, the website, and the community of Facebook Consumer Protection.

“The energy market in Romania is open to prosumers. After almost a decade of inactivity by the Romanian state in 2018, the legislation and regulations needed by the prosumers were defined. Small green producers now have the legal right to produce, consume and sell energy,” says Greenpeace.

Greenpeace Romania has been a part of this change, claiming to the authorities for two years the need to create a favorable environment for prosumers. This now translates into financial support for those who want to become prosumers, through a program of the Environment Fund Administration.

“We believe in energy democracy, every man’s right to be prosumer. But we realized that the term is unknown to most Romanians, so before moving forward in any direction with our clean energy campaign, it is imperative to understand what we are talking about, “said Carla Donciu, Head of Communication & Engagement, Greenpeace Romania.

“We want to see as many environmentally friendly photovoltaic panels on the rooftops in Romania. For this to happen, people need to know how they can capture the energy of the sun, what are the benefits and limitations of renewable energy and what funding mechanisms can reach those interested in producing their own energy,”adds Marian Mandru, Campaign Coordinator, Greenpeace Romania.


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