Energy prices recover from yesterday’s record level


Bogdan Tudorache

The price of electricity on the spot market (day ahead market, DAM) reached again the historical maximum of 750 lei per MWh (158 eurs) for Tuesday, which was registered last week, but has eased to a peak of 523 lei on the local DAM (PZU), with delivery between 12-13.00 for Wednesday. The average price for Wednesday, of 320 lei (67 euros) for one MWh, was in tune with the region. According to calculations, the average price of the similar market in Hungary was about 61.5 euros per MWh.

But on Tuesday, Romania imported electricity at maximum capacity on the interconnection line with Hungary, according to OPCOM and Transelectrica data, according to Agerpres.
The level of 750 lei was recorded last week, on Wednesday, and the previous record was 680 lei per MWh, in February 2017, during an extremely cold period.

Energy imports during this period were apparently at high rates. For example, at 10:40 am on Tuesday, the country’s consumption was 7,424 MW, the output – 5,923 MW, and the difference of 1,501 MW was brought across the border, according to data from the Transelectrica website.

According to data for Wednesday, imports decreased to 1,360 MW, with a consumption of 7,051 MW, production being 5,690 MW, according to real flows. At the same time, coal accounted for 30% of production, followed by hydropower (25%) and hydrocarbons (23%), on Tuesday afternoon (16.00).


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