Elsaco Electronic: Desulphurisation equipment at CET 2 Iasi plant passed the performance tests


The project on the desulphurising installation of the flue gases for the retrofitted steam boiler at CET 2 Iasi, completed at the end of 2016 by the Energy Projects Division from Elsaco Electronic, successfully passed the performance tests conducted in November, according to a press release transmitted by the Elsaco Electronic company.

According to the company representatives, the 21.7 million euros worth project was implemented in order to complete a desulphurisation equipment for flue gases resulted from the retrofitted steam boiler (IMA 4) of CET 2 Iasi, so that the sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions concentration to stay within the limits set by environmental standards.

The implementation of the investment envisaged the reduction of the sulfur emissions into the atmosphere, in order to increase the energy efficiency in heat supplying.

In cooperation with Doosan Lentjes, a global provider of solutions and technologies for producing energy from renewable sources and fossil fuels, the desulphurisation unit made by Elsaco Electronic company, passed with flying colors the performance tests conducted in November 2016, a particularly important step in order to comply with all the guaranteed values, indicates the press release.

The plant removes over 97% of the sulfur dioxide from the flue gases. This high level of desulfurization, ensures emissions of sulfur concentrations in the atmosphere well below the 200 mg SO2/Nm3 level required by the European standards, says the release.

“In 2016 we successfully completed the new desulphurisation equipment (DeSOx) in CET 2 Iasi. During the series of performance tests that we have conducted, we have achieved better results than those assumed. It is a project that we are proud of, being the fastest carried out facility of its kind in Europe. It was a real challenge for us to realize this project, especially in regard of the implementation deadlines. We are satisfied with the fact that we have demonstrated that were are able to do it. We had a great team, people are dynamic, adaptable, willing to learn, they are reason of the success,” said Ovidiu Butnaru – Project Manager, Elsaco Electronic.

During the project, Elsaco Electronic has provided general services, design services and engineering, works and services associated with the construction and technological installation of mechanical, electrical and automation installation of fire detection, access control, spare parts supply, commissioning and personnel training, performance tests.


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