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Elsaco Electronic and Vestra will re-engineer CET Hidrocarburi Arad

13 February 2024

The municipality of Arad has announced the designation of the winner of the tender for design, technical assistance and execution of works for the achievement of the investment objective “Source of heat and electricity production through high-efficiency cogeneration at CET Hidrocarburi SA”, Arad being the first municipality in the country to complete the procedure of purchase on this financing axis. The value of the investment through PNRR is over 397 million lei, which will be completed by February 2026, according to Transilvania Business.

It is about the Elsaco Electronic Association – association leader with Elsaco Engineering – associate 1 and Vestra Industry – associate 2.

The offer submitted by the association is worth 397,311,113.03 lei (without VAT).

Similar experience was demonstrated by the winning bidder through similar projects implemented in Oradea and Botoșani.

The deadline for submission of offers was 26.10.2023 at 15.00. In addition to the winning offer, another offer was submitted by the SC Restart Energy One SA Association – leader of the association with SC Energomontaj SA.

There is a period of 10 days for submitting any appeals.

“I am glad that we are the first municipality in Romania to conclude the tender procedure and sign the contract with the company that will provide design services and execute the proposed works within this extremely important project for us. It is the biggest investment in the Municipality of Arad in the last 34 years! We are fighting a battle against the clock, as we are talking about PNRR funds, to complete the investment by 2026, according to the contractual provisions. In the event that there will be some “duty” challengers who will only pursue us to delay us, we will sue them and ask for compensation, as we have done in other situations”, declared the mayor of Arad municipality, Călin Bibarț.

The refurbishment of CET H will be carried out with the help of financing from European funds, through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan – Component 6 Energy. This is the first major investment in equipping CET H with new equipment and facilities in the last three decades. In two years, the municipality of Arad will be able to have a new source of thermal and electrical energy production.

By implementing this project, we enter a new stage of modernization of the centralized thermal energy supply system in the municipality of Arad, in which the aim is to reduce primary fuel consumption by over 30% through the production of electricity and thermal energy in high-efficiency cogeneration and equally reducing CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions in the atmosphere by over 30 percent. Last but not least, it is estimated that following the realization of this investment, the production price of a gigacalorie could decrease by at least 50%.

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