E.ON builds 4 mln. euro power unit for Azomureș


E.ON Energie Romania will hand over to the mineral fertilizer producer Azomureș a turnkey power unit, within a partnership worth almost 4 million euro.

The plant will operate with residual steam and will have in its technical configuration a generator and a turbine in total condensation on low pressure steam, produced by M+M Turbinen-Technik GmbH, of high efficiency and performance and perfectly adapted to the individual requirements of Azomureș.

“The project carried out together with Azomureș represents a customized energy solution, economical, reliable and neutral from the point of view of CO2 emissions generated by the production of electricity from conventional sources. It is a natural consolidation of trade relations through which we demonstrate E.ON’s commitment to be a partner of the Romanian industry for advanced technological solutions, for reducing carbon emissions and energy efficiency,” said Cătălin Iordache, General Manager of E.ON Energie Romania.

The start of the project is scheduled for next spring and the estimated deadline for commissioning the new plant is in the first part of 2022.

With a capacity of 2.65 MW, the unit will cover between 5% and 6% of the plant’s electricity needs. For comparison, the unit could power more than 4,600 families. At the same time, the unit will bring a 4% reduction in electricity costs for Azomureș.


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