CHP bonus is expected to fall by 9% starting this summer


The bonus for high efficiency cogeneration may decrease by 9% in the second half of this year, according to a document issued by ANRE. Thus, this form of subsidy, granted to the producers of electricity and heat in plants with greater efficiency than 70%, will decrease from 15.82 lei / MWh to 14.39 lei / MWh.

The decrease results from the adjustments arised between Transelectrica and the manufacturers of high efficiency cogeneration, adjustments arising out of overcompensation.

“Following the annual qualification for 2015, CNTEE Transelectrica S.A. has to pay to the producers of electricity and heat in cogeneration an amount of 27.847.102 lei, representing the difference between the bonus and the money that has been allocated irregularly. Following the completion of the analysis of overcompensation, for the evaluation period 01.01.2015 – 31.12.2015, CNTEE Transelectrica S.A. in relation to the cogeneration producers: has paid the amount of 7.409.020 lei, representing the amount of regularization of pre-overcompensation; has to receive the sum of 119.654.840 lei, representing the amount of overcompensation. In conclusion, Transelectrica has to receive from the cogeneration producers, who have accessed support scheme, the amount of 84.39 million lei for 2015,” explains ANRE in the issued information.

“Given those presented, it would result in a decrease in the second half of th current year, of the contribution for cogeneration, with approximately 9% from the level in force at this time (down from 15.82 Lei / MWh at 14 39 lei / MWh), subject to maintaining the value of data considered in the analysis of adjustment of the contribution for cogeneration, the analysis carried out in December 2015, ie the same values ​​for the electricity that is beneficiary of bonus for the domestic consumption of electricity “, also reads the cited document.


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