Black Sea Gases, the most expensive ExxonMobil project of its kind


Neptun Deep Offshore Gas Perimeter is the most expensive hydrocarbon production project with completed exploration work and ready to be launched, from a portfolio of 40 such projects by the American giant ExxonMobil – which has exploration costs capitalized in excess of half a billion dollars, according to a company’s 2018 annual report filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Thus, according to the cited source, Neptun Deep capitalized as assets exploration costs worth $ 536 million in the period since 2012, the year of the discovery of deposits, and 2016, when the exploration work was completed. “We continue the discussions with the Government (Romanian – n.r.) on the development plan,” ExxonMobil said, according to

The amount is higher than the Gorgon Area Ullage projects in Australia, which will extract liquefied gas ($ 318 million between 1994-2015) and Papua LNG ($ 246 million in 2017), the next two on the list.


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